Fandango Urbano 2016: Getting to know El Son Jarocho, and other cultural connections.


By Lupita Peimbert.
(Culture) – It is all about sharing immigrant experiences, strengthening neighborhood connections, and bringing up traditional
Veracruzana songs , music and zapateados in contemporary California, a region full of contradictions, highly techie and highly homeless, positively political, hungry for social justice, and so apt to artistic pursuits.

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And so they gather. They call it “Fandango.” This particular set of gatherings happening now is called “Fandango Urbano 2016.” They have been dancing and learning every night since May 31, and plan to continue until June 13. They have invited you and the public.

By “they,” I mean the creative, active group of Latinos and Latino-friendly people of California who throughout the year, whether at someone’s garage, at the community room of a store, at La Pena de Berkeley and at several other places, these men and women, younger and older, play the requinto or la jarana, talk or sing las coplas, and zapatean, dancing like no one is looking.

Come to La Peña de Berkeley to learn and enjoy requinto, jarana, zapateado, drumming and versadas.  You are invited!

Fandango Jarocho
Friday, June 10 – 7pm to 11pm
Come see what guests and participants have learned from recent Son Jarocho workshops. Bring your dancing shoes, instruments, and be ready to have fun!
Entrance free, donations welcome!

Grand Concert
Sunday, June 12
New son jarocho musical creations by DiaPaSon artists, and sones from PAZ. Tacho Utrera and guests artists will perform new and traditional pieces.
$20 in advance, $25 at the door.

Local artist Maria de la Rosa, along with the artists that conform DiaPaSon, guest Maestros, guest artists, local supporters such as Maricarmen, Cassandra, Catherine, and many others, invite you to 2 more days of son jarocho!

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La Peña de Berkeley, 3105 Shattuck Ave. Berkeley, CA. (510) 849-2568.
¡Te esperamos! ¡Que Viva Veracruz!

Flamenco que ¡Quita los sentioooss!

De Andalucía a San Francisco: ¡10 años de Flamenco!
Por Lupita Peimbert/Editora de

Gema LisiSfaridHD
La bailaora Gema Moneo en pleno movimiento.

Baile, toque, baile, cante-jondo, jaleo, y palmas con la pasión gitana que sólo los artistas de Flamenco saben crear. Y una vez más lo harán durante el 10th Festival de Flamenco en el Area de la Bahia, del 22 al 29 de Marzo en el Palace of Fine Arts y en el Teatro Brava de San Francisco. Le seguirá una presentación un poco más al sur, en Santa Cruz.

“El Flamenco representa la lucha de una comunidad a la que se le ha reprimido. Los gitanos en España han sido estereotipados a menudo negativamente,” dice Nina Menendez, directora artística del festival. “Pero la magia del Flamenco sigue viva, y la tradición se transmite de generación a generación.”

La legendaria Concha Vargas
La legendaria Concha Vargas

Precisamente “Generaciones” es el tema del festival este año. El elenco estelar llega de España y lo componen las bailaoras Concha Vargas y Gema Moneo, y el bailaor Pepe Torres; en el cante-jondo Esperanza Fernández y Jose Valencia.

Compre sus boletos hoy mismo, y conozca el dia y la hora de cada presentación en: o por teléfono al (800) 838-3006.


Bohemia Comes From Opera, Boleros and Trova.

Mexican soprano knows how to mix it.  Content by Lupita Peimbert.

PicsArt Rocio

It was her first time performing in San Francisco, at charming venue in the heart of the Mission District. Mexican soprano Rocío Jiménez combined opera, boleros, and Latin American Trova, and we liked it! Rocío Jiménez‘ sultry, delicate voice, the amazing guitar music by Hugo Waizinger, and a couple of female piano players, turned a simple evening into a bohemian night, at the small theater in the Community Music Center.

“Es la historia de un amor
como no hay otro igual
que me hizo comprender
todo el bien, todo el mal
que le dio luz a mi vida
apagándola después
hay que vida tan obscura
sin tu amor no viviré.”

A night filled with delightful nostalgia. Here is a little taste of it.

Rocío Jiménez en San Francisco por primera vez.

Rocio was born in Tepic, Nayarit; she grew up in Tuxtla and eventually moved to Guadalajara, Jalisco, where she currently resides. One can find the artist performing at cafes, art-bars, and at some unusual places.

“It has been my purpose to bring opera, which is my passion, to as many people as possible, let them hear it, feel it, and understand it. I do it by mixing it with other musical genres I also love: boleros and trovas,” the soprano says.

Her repertoire includes Litto Nebbia and Silvio Rodriguez, two giants of the Latin American song, or Trova. Rocío likes the public to take part during her performances. She asks you to sing along, and behaves like a friend of yours while on stage.

Opera is her background and training. Forgive me but I didn’t record her opera songs. The boleros and the trovas is what I recorded, and I got her to sing backstage, a Capella, and to share in her native Spanish a little more about her life.

Check a mini-interview here.

The public appreciated Rocío Jiménez performance. We applauded and sang along. She was invited to sing in the South Bay on October 4th, at an event in the Mexican Consulate in San Jose. I think it would be great to have her again in San Francisco, and let larger audiences see her bohemian mix.  [Content: LP]


“Amaluna” en San Francisco – [Bilingual Post]

Amaluna es el nuevo show del “Circo que sigue al sol” 😉 y empieza esta semana en San Francisco.

If you have never seen Cirque du Soleil, you are up for a nice surprise. Cirque du Soleil is high quality entertainment, mixing the best acrobats, jugglers and other circus performers with music, songs, amazing costumes, and extraordinarily designed sets. AMALUNA happens in a land governed by the feminine, and Queen Prospera’s daughter goes into a saga when she falls in love with a suitor, against tradition.

En otras palabras y como dicen en mi tierra, Cirque du Soleil es circo, maroma y teatro. Las mujeres reinan en Amaluna, pero como siempre, los hombres vienen a ponerlo todo a prueba. Mientras tanto el público puede transformarse a un mundo de imaginación por medio de la música, el canto, el extraordinario vestuario, los magníficos escenarios, y las acrobacias y malabarismos.

Can’t wait to see it! and if you want too, please go to their website for information. It starts on Wednesday, November 13, in San Francisco.

[Text by Lupita Peimbert. Photo by Cirque du Soleil.]