Big. For California. By David Hockney.

Big. For California. By David Hockney.

Today is the opening of David Hockney’s exhibit at the de Young Museum in San Francisco. Can’t wait to see it! The British artist assembled this exclusively for this part of the world. I saw a preview and it looks amazing! The image below is a drawing of Yosemite Park made on an iPad. ¿Cómo la ven?

The House in the Corner

The House in the Corner

Artist Michael Feldman was walking around San Francisco when he saw an influx of light at a corner. He started painting…just because! The house is the one above Casa María, a neighborhood store on South Van Ness in the Mission District. Feldman is an established, independent artist and gallery owner who loves painting landscapes, city-views, flowers, still life, and portraits.
It was after 7pm Monday when drivers and passers-by saw him. It is wonderful to see displays of creativity and it is better when people allow you to capture a moment by taking pictures of them and sharing it with many others. :-)!

The Michael Feldman Gallery is located at 630 San Anselmo Ave., Marin County.

Culture is all that we create.

Culture is all that we create, every moment. Art is an expression of the self that cannot be qualified as high or low, good or bad, for it reflects a perspective. Having “culture” It is not about knowing who did what, or what is that form, thing, and movement called. It is about becoming an ocean of knowledge and experiences. Furthermore, having a life full of culture and art is not only about visiting museums, seeing monuments, or buying exotic pieces of art; for if any of that does not transform you into a more understanding, caring person, if it does not cause you to feel your emotions, if it does not move you to love humanity more and to hope for peace and equality, or to understand that nobody, as a whole, isn’t better or worst than anybody else…Culture and art become a thing, a label, a souvenir, an ornament that wraps up class and money. Travel is that special opportunity to experience different ways of life, to set foot into unknown lands, to immerse in other cultures, to witness how people act and behave, and what conventions they follow.

Culture is all what humanity creates. Art is one of many expressions from humanity, Travel is the bridge to a human being’s expansion.

Each one of us can create and express, and we do so inevitably many times in our life without even knowing it. Through art, travel, and culture our passing by this world get bigger, more solid, better lived, for us and for others.
Culture and Art and Travel.

-From my heart and mind, to yours {Lupitanews}