Fandango Urbano 2016: Getting to know El Son Jarocho, and other cultural connections.


By Lupita Peimbert.
(Culture) – It is all about sharing immigrant experiences, strengthening neighborhood connections, and bringing up traditional
Veracruzana songs , music and zapateados in contemporary California, a region full of contradictions, highly techie and highly homeless, positively political, hungry for social justice, and so apt to artistic pursuits.

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And so they gather. They call it “Fandango.” This particular set of gatherings happening now is called “Fandango Urbano 2016.” They have been dancing and learning every night since May 31, and plan to continue until June 13. They have invited you and the public.

By “they,” I mean the creative, active group of Latinos and Latino-friendly people of California who throughout the year, whether at someone’s garage, at the community room of a store, at La Pena de Berkeley and at several other places, these men and women, younger and older, play the requinto or la jarana, talk or sing las coplas, and zapatean, dancing like no one is looking.

Come to La Peña de Berkeley to learn and enjoy requinto, jarana, zapateado, drumming and versadas.  You are invited!

Fandango Jarocho
Friday, June 10 – 7pm to 11pm
Come see what guests and participants have learned from recent Son Jarocho workshops. Bring your dancing shoes, instruments, and be ready to have fun!
Entrance free, donations welcome!

Grand Concert
Sunday, June 12
New son jarocho musical creations by DiaPaSon artists, and sones from PAZ. Tacho Utrera and guests artists will perform new and traditional pieces.
$20 in advance, $25 at the door.

Local artist Maria de la Rosa, along with the artists that conform DiaPaSon, guest Maestros, guest artists, local supporters such as Maricarmen, Cassandra, Catherine, and many others, invite you to 2 more days of son jarocho!

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La Peña de Berkeley, 3105 Shattuck Ave. Berkeley, CA. (510) 849-2568.
¡Te esperamos! ¡Que Viva Veracruz!

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