The SF Botanical Garden Has Found The Best Way For People To Play The Piano

The first piano is located in the Great Meadow.

By Lupita Peimbert.

(Art & Culture) –  It feels like you are in one of those romantic, impressionist paintings. Luscious gardens surround you, a climate that makes you feel cozy, 12 pianos scattered in a 55-acre landscape as if they were treasures waiting to be found, and groups of people sitting around -listening, drinking, nibbling, conversing.

It is art manifestation at its core, enhanced by groomed and manicured nature.

The San Francisco Botanical Garden in collaboration with Sunset Piano has come up with one of the best ideas for mixing music, art, trees, plants, flowers, and visitors: Flower Piano. The original idea derives from Mauro FFortissimo and Dean Mermell from Sunset Piano; their pursuit of bringing piano culture and music to a larger number of people is resonating widely.

A young woman plays and sings at the Garden of Fragrance.

Held every Summer within San Francisco’s beautiful Golden Gate Park, Flower Piano is an event presented for 10 consecutive days, showcasing a mix of professional pianists and musicians, amateur players, and just anybody who wishes to play the piano.

In its 2016 version, Flower Piano took place from July 7 to July 18.

On assignment, we were there one day and listened to pianists at the Garden of Fragance, Exhibition Garden, South Africa Garden, and the Moon Viewing Garden, just to name a few. Wesaw performances from Serene Han, Alex Conde, Ander Meyes, and the Jazzflower Florchestra at the Zellerbach Garden. Too bad it had to end, as we felt in paradise, wanting to forever stay in the picturesque settings.

Zellerbach Garden

While you wait for next year’s amazing event, you may want to visit The San Francisco Botanical Garden, equally impressive all year round, and experience one of the country’s most significant botanical collections right here in Golden Gate Park, as stated in their brochure.

This Summer’s out-of-the-ordinary experience happened thanks to a generous anonymous donor, the Zellerbach Family Foundation, the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, Garden donors and members, and sponsorship from Kaiser Permanente and media sponsors FunCheapSF, KDFC, KQED, and San Francisco Magazine.


Twelve Pianos give you 12 reasons to get inspired. 8,000
different plants from around the world give you the aromas, the inspiration, the soothing space your mind and soul need from time to time.


This is original content by Lupita Peimbert @Lupitanews; photography by Mike Griffin.

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