An evening for La Francophonie, Jazz, and Camaraderie.

By Lupita Peimbert

(Culture) – Another enchanting event took place at the Alliance Française de San Francisco Thursday night to celebrate countries where the French language is first or predominant, or where French culture abounds; in this occasion it was dedicated to Switzerland.

La Francophonie, as it is known around the globe, is composed of about 57 members, and a handful of observateur countries (Mexico is one of them).

The jazz concert was beautifully led by Swiss vocalist Beat Kaestli, an artist whose sultry, melodic tones charmed the guests at the Alliance’s small theater on Bush St.


Beat Kaestli, along with a trio of local musicians presented songs well-known in the United States, Switzerland, Mexico, Brazil, and of course France, reminding us of the cultural connections and the ties that exist between artists and people from different countries, beyond borders and differences.

Bésame Mucho, La Mer, and La Vie en Rose…the songs arranged and interpreted by Kaestli and accompanying musicians. The jazz concert was in collaboration with the Swiss Consulate. Worth mentioning is that the Alliance Française offers a lot more than French classes: it is a hub for culture, international learning and connections, and definitely, camaraderie.

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