7 Years Connecting Latino and other Professionals.

LAM Network, an online/offline group connecting professionals for career and entertainment, celebrates 7 years of success. July 18.
W Hotel. San Francisco.


(San Francisco) – LAM Network, an online and offline organization that connects professionals for business, career development, and entertainment, is celebrating 7 years of success on July 18, with a grand gathering at the W Hotel in San Francisco. The LAM community consists of 9 thousand Latino and other professionals who appreciate and embrace Latin American culture. LAM network’s outreach expands to 150,000 people.

“We are constantly organizing a variety of events, from workshops for small business owners to talks about money and finances, to women’s wine tasting to watching the world cup! You name it!” says Giovanni Dubois, LAM’s founder.

“Ours is a movement to make possible for people to meet and interact online and offline through meaningful events,” says Sofia Ayala-Perel, a LAM member turned partner.

moe_velaMoe Vela, former director of administration in the Office of Vice President Joe Biden and considered one of the “Top 100 Hispanics in America,” will be keynote speaker during the grand event. He has also served as CFO and senior advisor on Public Affairs for Vice President Al Gore.

“As the Latino business community continues to grow at record pace, I believe it is imperative that we unite. LAM provides a perfect platform to accomplish those goals,” Vela says.

As part of the celebration, five distinguished members will be recognized with one of the LAM Community Awards presented by Verizon, in the following categories: Member of the Year, The Mover and Shaker, The Activist, The Corporate Advocate, and the Community Organization of the Year. For details please go LAM Community Awards.

LAM’s Executive Team: Giovanni Dubois, Sofía Ayala-Perel, and Pablo Perez.


The media is invited to cover LAM’s 7-year celebration by interviewing our founders, members, award-finalists, and partner organizations.

Media contacts:
Giovanni Gonzalez Dubois, 415.361.1528 or giovanni@lam-network.com

Lupita Peimbert, 707-230-4773 or Lupitanews@gmail.com

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About LAM Network
LAM Network is a private community of educated and passionate professionals who love Latin American culture, and appreciate the overall contributions from US Hispanics and the Latino community. LAM creates strong and dynamic opportunities for like-minded individuals to foster valuable relationships.

LAM Network started in 2007. First, it was all about getting together for dinner and conversation at Giovanni Dubois’ home, its founder. It has flourished into an online and offline network with more than 9,000 members who gather to celebrate, learn, share, contribute, and advance together.

Visit http://lam-network.com

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