The Art of Leonid Afremov.




About Leonid Afremov

Leonid Afremov was born on July 12th 1955 in Vitebsk, Belarus (formerly  USSR). He was raised in a traditional Jewish home;  his father was a shoe designer and maker, and his mother was a metal factory worker.

Leonid Afremov graduated from Vitebsk Art School in 1978. In 1990 he immigrated to Israel. Years later he moved to New York, where he had many opportunities to be recognized as a talented artist, but the city’s climate wasn’t good for his health. Afremov moved to Playa del Carmen, Mexico. He currently spends time in several countries.

Leonid Afremov uses palette, knifes, and oil in his paintings. He created his own unique technique which is almost unmistakable and can not be confused with other artists.

When Afremov started as artist, he painted jazz musicians portraits. Over the years, his work has focused on flowers, city scapes, couples, and seascapes.

Source: Wiki Art, private biography, and other online references.

afremov_flower_ (19)

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