The McCloud Falls In Winter

Three McCloud Falls are located approximately 4 miles east of the town of McCloud in Siskiyou County, California. They can be accessed through a well-maintained trail by the forest service. The McCloud River Trail passes three beautiful waterfalls as it winds through a canyon of basalt lava rock. During winter, the snow makes the waterfalls look even more attractive. This site is one to be admired and enjoyed and a reason to go outside, be outdoors, and enjoy nature.

-Lupita Franco Peimbert.

One Of My Best Memories of Oregon’s McKee Covered Bridge. #Roadtrip2019

Sometimes all we need to do is to get in the car and drive to discover, explore and enjoy. In one of my impromptu trips in 2019, which is now a great memory, I found this beautiful covered bridge.

The McKee Covered Bridge was built in 1917 and it is located in Southern Oregon. It is one of my best memories for a roadtrip in 2019. My voice is in Spanish but I think the images speak by themselves. Enjoy!

Gone Hiking In The Snow!

(Outdoors_ – Mc Cloud is a small town on Route 89 north of Redding, California, and very close to Mt. Shasta. It’s water streams and falls are a must hike when in Northern California (NorCal) especially during winter. Check out this video for inspiration!

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