Must Love Trees.

Some people love hunting or fishing, others love cats or dogs. I love trees. Immensely. To feel the joy of the forest, the healing views and sounds of the mountain, the breeze filled with love, one must love trees.

The other day I embarked on the first step of a PCT adventure. PCT is short for Pacific Crest Trail, an scenic trail from the California/Mexico border to the Canadian border thousands of people are hiking. They say it is life-changing. Some go through all of it and it takes them months; some others just take a few days off or a couple of weeks from their regular life and hike as much as possible.

In Northern California we are a lucky that the PCT crosses north of Redding by a magnificent State Park called Castle Crags, off from I-5. And because I love trees and like to touch and hug them, I often go to the forest, and now I just found a new one.

Here is what I saw the other day:

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