To Glamp or Not to Glamp?


Glamping is short for Glamour Camping, a travel trend that helps people get closer to nature all year round. Read on. Find out if this is something for you.


( Travel ) – It’s no secret that one of the best ways to experience the great outdoors and be at one with nature is by camping. A tent in the middle of a wooded area with nothing but a campfire and a sleeping bag to keep you warm is a good way to connect with the environment.

And if you’re with good company, it’s a unique opportunity to bond with those that are closest to you and meet new people who have found refuge in the same camping grounds as you.

But let’s face it. Roughing it isn’t exactly everyone’s idea of fun. In this age where technology has the ability to bring us unique travel experiences, many people believe that we don’t have to sacrifice comfort to explore unknown territories and that we don’t have to jump from couch to couch and carry a huge backpack to see what the world has to offer.

The new focus on the quality and originality of adventures has brought about a number of travel trends, including glamping. Defined as the luxe alternative to traditional camping, an infographic posted on TNOOZ, a publication about travel and tourism, demonstrates that there are three vital components to glamping:

  1. Direct access to the outdoors
  2. Unique accommodation, and
  3. The perfect mix of hotel comfort and a camping adventure.

From tents spacious enough to fit queen-size beds to fancy tree houses and cabins, your options for upmarket camping is vast, and can still keep you within arm’s reach of the mountains, lakes, the woods, or any other one of nature’s wonders found at your chosen glamping grounds.

As this video from The Scene indicates, many of these glamping sites are equipped with Wi-Fi, mini kitchen facilities, hot water, indoor plumbing, and even some spa services, but do all these luxuries detract from the appreciation of nature we would normally get from a traditional camping experience?


Let’s explore this a little further:

The thing about regular camping is that it helps people learn certain life skills while adapting to new surroundings, taking them out of their comfort zone and allowing them to simply going back to the basics.

Yet, the benefits of camping as we know it may be overrated.

Campfire Magazine said it best when its writers explained, “you won’t be learning patience while you struggle with tent-poles or feeling pleased with yourself for finding the pitch that’s got shade but no ants.”

But if you adopt to the new, trendy ways of camping such as glamping, you may not be allowing yourself to fully disconnect from everyday comforts.

Savor what is right in front of you; the people and the circumstances you are surrounded by. We often forget to live in the moment, but nature allows us to feel life intensively and to have peace of mind and heart.

Traditional camping has always been a source of solitude, peace, and connection with nature. Glamping brings that experience to a new level.

What do you think…to Glamp, or not to Glamp?

girl-hiking-cartoon-hiking-trims-the-thighs-ceqm8h-clipartAbout this article:
As an avid traveler and hiker, and someone who loves to be out in nature, I love the opportunity to partner with people that bring value to our readers by letting us know of worldwide trends. To my surprise, I did not know about ‘Glamping’, but now I can’t wait to try it!  Nothing like experiencing something new to see if it feels our lifestyle or not.
Thank you for reading.
-Lupita Peimbert. Publisher of

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