Hiking Works!

Here is a simple hike north of Bolinas in Marin County. Hiking is good for the heart, the mind, the body, and the spirit. In most places if not all, there are trails and routes for hiking, most of the time managed by regional, state and federal parks. It is a matter of finding out where to go, how to get there and what to take into consideration for hiking safely.

One rule of thumb is to stay on clearly signed and designated trails.

Please remember we are still under COVID19 restrictions. Please be responsible and wear a mask and follow other mandates. Also, be your best bodyguard. Never hike alone at dawn or dusk. Go to places where routes are clear and safe; try to go with others but if you must go alone, make sure that other hikers are in the area; be smart and be safe. Northern California has amazing parks and hiking trails in great conditions, with a number of hikers always on the trails.

If you have never gone on a hike and would like to become a hiker but do not know what to do, try Joining a meetup for hikers, ask friends to go with you or decide to go alone -but safely. Perhaps begin walking around a park and in the city, and little by little start finding out of hiking areas nearby. You’ll be surprised how many trails exist and how many people hike. Another great resource is AllTrails.com. This app shows you the best trails in the world and the app helps you wherever you are. I have tried it while in Mexico and in the USA and it is great. Anyhow, the time is now rain or shine. Hiking works!

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