Happy Saturday. Peace of a Mountain.

It has been said that nature heals. The closer we get to forests, the sea, and to open, green spaces, the more peaceful we feel. Here is a touch of nature and song, with the music of beloved artist Jon Fromer who is not longer in this world. Peace of a Mountain is his song. Photography was taken in Middletown, California, by Lupita Peimbert. Feel free to share. #PeaceofaMountain  #NatureHeals @Lupitanews


El Video de Loco-Bloco

El Video de Loco-Bloco

Loco Bloco, one of the most meaningful community organizations in San Francisco’s Mission District, promotes not only Latino culture but also music, community, and friendship among people from all cultural backgrounds. LOCO BLOCO presents – BAY TO BAHIA, a music-video
Monday February 17th at Brava Theater, 2781 – 24th St. at 6:00 PM. Directed by Andrea Rodriguez. Dance & Drum after the video presentation. WAY TO GO LOCO-BLOCOs!