Music: Back To Socializing In Person

(San Francisco) – I do not want to sound overly enthusiastic, but it feels exciting, and it is a breath of fresh air to see venues on their way to fully reopening without restrictions.

Jazz lovers gathered outdoors at a venue on Market Street one of the past evenings. People were allowed to have their masks off while dining but required to wear them otherwise. Waiters and the venue’s personnel wore face-masks at all times.

With approximately 49% of people vaccinated in California, and with the latest direction from President Biden indicating that people can relax a little bit from having to wear a facemask at all times, people are feeling more comfortable socializing in person.

An ensemble of local musicians with Edu Amado (Bass), Kai Lyons (Guitar), Fabio Kings (Drums), Giuseppe Pinto (Keys), and two guest musicians played a variety of jazz and Brazilian melodies.

A group of friends and the one who is writing had a blast listening to music while drinking Beer, Mules and Margaritas, and eating pizza. It felt relaxed, it was fun; it felt community and San Francisco all over again!

Please scroll down to watch this impromptu mini video.

-Lupita Franco Peimbert.

Kings Tropical Jam gathered Saturday, outdoors on Market St.

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