San Francisco was “Muy solo,” and “Sin turismo,” this October 2020. (Bilingual Post)

It was shocking to see San Francisco without tourists and almost no one on Market Street when I took a walk in October 2020. I had to make this video to document just a bit of what I saw. Please note the video is in Spanish, but I think the images and sounds speak for themselves. This is not the first time The City experiences a population exodus; it also happened in 2000 -when the digital bubble burst. San Francisco will be THE CITY again, but I am not sure if it will go back to “San Fran,” or “Frisco,” as this beautiful town always reinvent itself and turns out better and better!

Here is something I have to say in Spanish:

San Francisco es una ciudad bellísima. Me fui a caminar al centro de San Francisco, a Yerba Buena Gardens, la Zona de Museos, luego por la calle Market, y terminé en Market Street y Powell Street, donde los visitantes se subían a los famosos “cable cars,” esos íconicos trenecitos. Me quedé con la boca abierta, ¡San Francisco cambió mucho en Octubre! Sin embargo, no es la primera vez que esta ciudad se queda medio vacía, y siempre se recupera.

-Lupita Franco Peimbert
#california #travel #SanFran #SanFrancisco #Lupitanews

This was in October 2020. It was shocking to see San Francisco almost empty. This video is in Spanish.

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