Why it is extremely important to go to SFMOMA or any art museum these days.

Crowd, by David Park.

By Lupita Franco Peimbert

Uncertainty, the pandemic, the Holidays…I am not crazy when I assert that millions of people have worries about the current state of the world, in every town and city. I am talking about regular people who can handle many things in life. I am one of those and if you are too, I highly recommend that you take yourself or your family to an art museum. 

Why? Because art heals, arts soothes, art disperses worry  out and makes its little pieces disappear. 

In my case, a visit to the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA) the other day was exactly what I needed to reduce my worries. I needed something to increase my levels of inspiration and joy, to brighten my day.  

The permanent exhibits at SFMOMA are quite interesting as they have big names in the house. The space is soothing and there are seven floors with galleries, a restaurant and a cafetería, and open-air space. 

Currently, the main exhibit is the one by the legendary David Park, a Bay Area artist and art movement pioneer. The exhibit will continue through January 18, 2021, but if I were you, I’ll plan a visit as soon as possible because ticket sales are limited to respect social distancing. Please go online for all details at https://tickets.sfmoma.org/tickets

I have been to SFMOMA many times; one of the main reasons I go is to see Mark Rothko’s No. 14. It is my favorite! 

I also love seeing and seeing again the Henri Matisse’s paint brought to San Francisco by local art patrons long time ago, “Woman with a Hat.” This paint was quite controversial but the San Francisco art lovers supported Matisse while the rest of the world were having a hard time understanding his style. 

There are many other exhibits and pieces of work throughout the museum. 

Art museums are houses of prayer for creative minds, for busy spirits, and for those who appreciate color, form and expression. Museums in general distract you from routine and difficult times, and they offer an array of subjects to focus on. It is said that culture heals and I couldn’t agree more. It is the space, the surrounding, and you.  

The fact that the museums in San Francisco are open at this point is a big deal — and a move residents are grateful for. Me too! (Things can change anytime, remember.)

Located on 3rd. St. in downtown San Francisco, and easy to reach by Bart and other public and shared transportation, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art currently enforces face-covering, meaning you have to wear it all the time. SFMOMA personnel are dispersed throughout the galleries to ensure visitors are wearing it and to remind everyone about social distancing, in case they forget it. 

I’ll tell you about the hours and other details for getting there in a minute, but before I’d like to share just a few paintings at SFMOMA>

David Park’s “Boston Street Scene” 

René Magritte “Les valeurs personnelles”

Roy Lichtenstein “Rouen Cathedral, Set 5”

Mark Rothko “No. 14”

There is plenty of art to see and space to wonder out at SFMOMA. Currently, the museum is open Friday through Monday from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM, and Thursday from 1PM through 8 PM. There is a limited number of tickets that can be purchased onsite, but buying tickets online is strongly recommended.

Ready to go? Let me know in the comment section what you love about SFMOMA and how it went if you just got visited for the first time. 

I produced a video about my experience at SFMOMA, in Spanish. Please click here. 

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