AQUARIUS – She Was Facing Eviction, But They Didn’t Know Who They Were Dealing With

The movie AQUARIUS  is part of the Mill Valley Film Festival, October 6 to 16, 2016. @MVFilmFest

untitled_1-26-2-copie-2By Lupita Peimbert.

(CINEMA) – Sonia Braga looks stunningly beautiful as a widowed and retired music critic. She has lived in the last inhabited apartment of a building designed to be converted into something new, and refuses to move out of her place. The location couldn’t be better, in front of the beach, in the upper-class, seaside Avenida Boa Viagem in Recife, Brazil. The word “eviction,” never comes out, but that’s  a key component of the plot.

Along with her long time housekeeper, she is calm and peaceful but do not test her will because you’ll lose. The bad guys are the grand-father and grandson of a powerful developer. Their tactics to kick her out so reminded me of the ways things go in the Mission District in San Francisco. But don’t worry, fires won’t be –other than some sexy and sexual scenes.

Braga gives a powerful, ageless performance playing a 65 year old. For the most part in California, trying to make a woman seem and behave old, antiquated, perhaps inadequate, and fragile just because she is over a certain age would be seen weird. It would have no effect as Californians are all about staying young, active and reinventing themselves over and over. But for the society in Brazil and across Latin America that may be the norm. If you are lets say over 30, you are old, old and a granny.

I can easily imagine the women and men at this movie during the Mill Valley Film Festival, their jaws down and eyes wide-open looking at such condescending ways of treating a woman over 50. (LP)

  • Directed by Kleber Mendonça Filho.
  • Actress Sonia Braga won Best Actress by ICS Cannes Award and a Sydney Film Prize by Sydney FF. The casting is formidable.
  • A Drama produced in Brazil, 2016. It runs 1:45 minutes. In Portuguese with English subtitles.

AQUARIUS is part of Mill Valley Film Festival and ¡Viva el Cine!, a segment of the festival dedicated to  the best Spanish-language and Latin American films of 2016. It is presented by MVFF in association with the Association of Latino Marin Attorneys, the Latino Council, and the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Marin

The Mill Valley Film Festival (MVFF) is a vital showcase of the global film community, attracting iconic red-carpet talent, burgeoning filmmakers, passionate audiences, and astutely curated premieres.

Screening locations include: CinéArts@Sequoia and The Sweetwater Music Hall (Mill Valley), Christopher B. Smith Rafael Film Center (San Rafael), Cinemark Century Larkspur Landing and Lark Theatre (Larkspur), and Cinemark Century Cinema Corte Madera (Corte Madera).

The 39th Mill Valley Film Festival, Marin County, California. Thursday, October 6 – Sunday, October 16, 2016

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