You Got it Google, with “El Santo” Doodle. #HHM2016


(Culture) – For those of us who grew up in Mexico and other Latin American countries, El Santo, el enmascarado de plata was as  familiar as cookies with Café con Leche. The wrestler who always covered his face with a silver mask, and who humanized “Lucha Libre” (wrestling), would have been 99 years old on September 23, 2016.

See, El Santo wasn’t only about wrestling; he was about doing things right and that was reflected on his movies, comic books and television shows I saw from the corner of my eye for many years in Mexico. It also was a reflection and a projection of what an entire population wanted to be: a fighter doing good.

El Santo passed away on February 5, 1984. He was buried wearing his famous mask. He became a legend, his works repeated, adapted and shown in any possible media.

By Google making a Doodle of him, –oh my! they are showing respect for the idiosincracies and ideals of a very large and important community. And it becomes a great deal during Hispanic Heritage Month, because El Santo also crossed the borders. Many U.S. Hispanics and their tíos and abuelitos know of El Santo.

Here is a quote from  El Santo, in the movie Santo y Blue Demon vs Los Monstruos:

“Toda mi fuerza y mi vida, están al servicio de las causas nobles. Hice una vez el juramento de acabar con los aliados de Satanás, y lo cumpliré”
-El Santo


Thank you Google, for the El Santo Doodle!
Content by Lupita Peimbert at @Lupitanews #Lupitanews #HHM2016

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