Happy Birthday MUCEM!

Gorgeous view of the MUCEM, from Fort St. Jean. Hermosa vista de MUCEM from Fort St. Jean.

(Museums) – 3 years ago, the first museum dedicated to Mediterranean cultures opened in Marseille, France. MUCEM highlights the importance of the region, cultural blending, and the tales of  an ancient city whose beauty has grown with age, like a woman who has lived plenty and seen it all. Marseille is a city with the type of beauty that can only develop after witnessing battles and victories, currents, winds, and the sun. The beauty of maturity.

MUCEM, which stands for Musée des les civilisations de L’Europe et de la Méditerranée honors that legacy. Inaugurated on June 9, 2013, it is now considered one of the  50 Best Museums in the World.

It speaks of Africa, of the Arab, French, Italian, Jewish, Spanish, and other cultures. It is a blend and a mosaic for past and present.

Here is a compilation of elements presented during the grand opening, most of which are part of the permanent exhibits at MUCEM, and how the building looks inside and outside. Next time you visit the South of France, this is a “must”place to visit!

The people you see in the boulevard are Jewish. This was January 1943 and they were displaced from their homes and workplaces, and sent to concentration camps in what was called and is sometimes referred to as the “deportation.” Spanish: La gente que ves en el boulevard son judíos en Enero de 1943, cuando los Nazis realizaron un acto masivo, y los desalojaron tanto de sus casas como de sus sitios de trabajo. Luego los enviaron a campos de concentración en lo que algunos llaman “la deportación.”


MUCEM is located at
7 Prom. Robert Laffont, 13002 Marseille, France.

I happened to live there at the time and got to visit the first day MUCEM opened. Lovely, interesting, meaningful.

All photos were taken with my iphone4 or iphone5. Can’t remember.


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