5 Reasons to Watch the CESAR CHAVEZ Bio-Pic.


Post by Lupita Peimbert. #1. You will understand an important piece of California’s history.You will seem and sound smarter, cultured, and knowledgeable. Hipster, Immigrant, Techie, Hippie-Wanna-Be, rich or poor, young or old, if you want to understand an important piece of California history and get a good grasp of the politically savvy Latino community, go to a movie theater and watch the Cesar Chavez movie. Netflix or other streaming do not apply for this, because mothing compares to listening to the audience reactions while eating popcorn at a movie theater.

#2. John Malkovich is phenomenal, nothing new about that. The actor made the supposed villain a little less villain, by showing the complexities of a man, a grower, a European immigrant turned into wealthy businessman. America Ferrara does a great job portraying Cesar’s wife, Helen. Michael Peña, needless to say, did a very good job interpreting Cesar.

#3. You will learn about Philippino farmworkers.Very few people know the horrific work and life conditions Philippino farmworkers faced in California’s agricultural fields a few decades ago; their struggles largely missed by the media. Cesar Chavez eagerly supported Philippino farmworkers when they first boycotted grapes, and the bio-pic includes those events; it will broaden your understanding of social injustices.

#4. It will make you Latino-Friendly.
If you want to make friends with California’s Latino community for profit, non-profit, community or personal, or whatever other pursuits, you must understand its past. Cesar Chavez is an icon. He represents struggle and victory. If you are new to California, watch the movie and you will know why the Cesar Chavez Street exists in San Francisco, and why March 31 is Cesar Chavez Day in California, and where the “¡Si Se Puede!” (Yes We Can!) comes from.

#5. It will inspire the leader in you.
Watch the movie; learn about Cesar Chavez: ordinary man turned hero; and acted upon his values, no bs. He committed to his ideals and fought until the end. He was the face and the force of a movement. He learned, tried, asked, did, moved, dared, thought, he truly was a leader many can learn from.

The Cesar Chavez Movie plays for the second weekend April 4, 5, 6, in theaters nationwide. Go see it! –Feel free to share this article.

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