San Francisco’s Senator Leland Yee arrested.


      Media outlets have been reporting that Federal officials charged California State Senator Leland Yee on Wednesday with conspiracy to deal firearms and wire fraud; other details to be released soon.

This is SAD NEWS. He was a long time legislator with a fairly good record, well liked in the community, and in many fronts a hero for San Francisco’s Chinese population. Yee was consistently supportive of immigrant communities. Years ago, he led efforts regarding violent, inappropriate content for children in specific videogames.

Something dark has been uncovered. My skeptical mind, however, wonders who or what special-interests groups truly wanted Yee down and out. C’est La Vie.

One way or another, in my humble opinion, Senator Leland Yee was a good legislator. Unless horrifying issues come out from this investigation, this is sad news for San Franciscans and Bay Areans who have seen him working for the communities he represented, above and beyond.

March 26, 2014. By Lupita Peimbert.

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