Celebrating Worker’s Day on May 1st.

On May 1st we celebrate worker’s rights in many countries. Locally, it is also an occasion for immigrant communities to gather and unite. Many active citizens and organizations take part of this effort, and among other things, they want us, the public, to pay attention and care.

When millions of people still do not have rights in the workplace, or worse, when they are exploited, humanity as a whole does not evolve.

Below is a list of marches and gatherings this weekend, celebrating WORKER’S DAY, and asking for change.

May Day! At UC Berkeley
Friday April 29th, 11:00 a.m.

LOCATION: March and Rally | Gather at the corner of Telegraph and Bancroft in Berkeley.

There will be a rally with speakers and free food! Join us as students and workers come together in honor of International Workers Day and our ongoing struggle for workers rights!

Contact: Elena Vilchis (714) 878-2976 evilchis89@gmail.com

San Jose

San Jose’s May Day March for Worker and Immigrant Rights
Sunday, May 1; 3:00- 6:30pm

LOCATION: Corner of Story Rd. & King Rd., San Jose, CA
Gather at Story Rd. and King Rd at 3pm. March starts at 4pm, ending at San Jose City Hall.


  • The right of all workers to unionize at work and to organizing in our communities!
  • Comprehensive and humane immigration reform!
  • Stop inhumane detentions and abuse of immigrants!

For more information please call:
English/Spanish: (408) 821-1394, (408) 421-2895
Tagalog: (408) 307-6717

Organized by groups representing labor, grassroots, community, student, faith, peace, anti-war, cultural, etc.

San Francisco, CA

MAY DAY MARCH with the Arab, African, Middle Eastern, Muslim, South Asian (AAMEMSA) Immigrant Rights Coalition. AAMEMSA a multi-ethnic collaboration seeking to build migrant solidarity around the promotion and defense of our communties’ civil and human rights. We strive to bring AAMEMSA voices to the Immigrant Rights movement.

Contact: amemsa_immigrantrights@lists.riseup.net. Download the AAMEMSA May Day flier.

Location: 24th Street BART Plaza, San Francisco (look for the yellow AAMEMSA Banner next to Bank of the West) Time: 11:30am  Sunday, May 1, 2011

We extend a warm invitation to join the San Francisco May 1st Coalition, 2011 and help build a National Day of Action in solidarity with immigrant workers and a new immigrant & civil rights movement!

These past few years, the entire world has witnessed an increase in vicious attacks on the working class. At the same time, we have also been inspired by the up-rise of social movements in North Africa, the Middle East, Wisconsin and San Francisco should NOT be the exception. This is why on Sunday, May 1st 2011, thousands of multi-ethnic unity with civil rights, youth, labor, community, peace, and justice organizations will march and rally throughout the nation in support of immigrant and workers rights.

What do you think about this?

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