Bus Journey Across Mexico

An American man passionate about Mexico

One day, Dick Davis, pictured left, took a bus in Tijuana to travel across Mexico on a route traced by him out of curiosity. He wanted to see the heart of the country, the places, costumes and faces of people whose day-to-day stories few know about. Sometimes even Mexicans don’t fully understand them.

Dozens of indigenous tribes full of culture, past, and present, inhabit the beautiful lands across Mexico, very often speaking only their own dialects.

The Tarahumaras, Yaquis, Seris, Olmecas, and many other groups are fascinating to observe and to get to know. Valuing them high has been a battle of many.

Davis knew plenty about indigenous groups but wanted to learn more. He knew that he would end up in Chiapas, frontier with Guatemala, and that he would avoid resorts, beaches, and Mexico City. He knew that he had hundreds of miles to explore; but he did not know where he would spend the night or what bus he was supposed to take.

$3,000 dollars and 38 days after, Dick Davis fulfilled his dream.

“I met the Tarahumaras, in the Copper Canyon, hiked the Silver Trail, passed a desert, a jungle, and romantic waterfalls,” Dick told us at Doris’ birthday party in San Francisco a few days ago. “I put the Mexico’s bus system to the test and let me tell you, it is great.”

The 60+ year old has been traveling Mexico since 1975, and has written dozens of articles about his experiences in a country so beautiful, so blessed by diverse ecosystems and ancestral culture, and so full of multicultural influence not just by Spain, but also by France, Germany China, and other countries.

In his book, “Bus Journey Across Mexico,” Davis shares geographic details, traveling tips, and cultural experiences. Find his book on Amazon or let me know at Lupitanews@gmail.com if you want to contact him. He is fluent in Spanish, and lives in Northern California.

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