Personal Responsibility

Epie walks every day around Lake Merritt in Oakland

Here is this man on his late 40s, taking care of his health. No place for excuses. Epie walks around Lake Merritt, religiously, every morning around 7 am. He has lost some of his vision; therefore he uses a walking stick. He has some type of diabetes. Yet, seven days a week he is walking by the lake, shine or rain, light or dark, summer or winter.

By walking one hour every single day, and by choosing healthy eating versus junk, Epie has lost weight and keeps the extra pounds off, and manages sugar and stress levels. Some passers by may just see a person with a walking stick, and some say hello unintentionally condescending. He does not like that. On the other hand, his commitment to health inspires some Lake Merritt aficionados like myself. When I say hello or ¡Buenos Dias Epie! while crossing paths, I get this great, positive energy from him: I can too do this!