The Late Night Revelry at Grace Cathedral

It was a fun night at Grace Cathedral. The Carnivale’s Late Night Revelry was designed as a place to relax and dance, with an open bar and plenty of space to meet people and talk.

The lighting was phenomenal, adding dimensions and spirit to an already architecturally multidimensional structure and a center abundant in spirit. 

The Chris Clouse Project elevated the ambiance, enhancing old and new songs with live music. The saxophonist, violinist, and drummer did an amazing job accompanying the DJ. 

People in attendance co-created a friendly evening where talking and dancing with others was easy. The drinks and staff from the open bar were delicious, as were the late-night bites from Azalina’s.

Guests enjoyed the Infinite Boxes created by Matt Elson, full of surprises and mystery.

This is how a Christian, episcopal congregation prepares for lent; my type of church. Or, as their website states: A cathedral of courage, joy, and wonder.

-Lupita Franco Peimbert

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