When Prince Harry Met Meghan

When Prince Harry met American actress Meghan Markle, he met the love of his life. What started as a fairy tale turned into a saga, where the pair confronted the centuries-old Royal Family and institution, and as a result, the couple exited their “life in a castle.”.

The Royal Family’s outdated ideas about relationships, race, and dutty were not for the Duque and Duchesses of Sussex. Meghan is bi-racial, and some insist that is the root of the problem for the English family.

The English tabloids and, astonishingly, some of the English media, implicitly biased, took sides as in #TeamRoyalFamily.

In the United States and other countries, the media and public opinion favor the couple’s pursuit of equality and freedom, as in #TeamHarryandMeghan

Harry, Meghan, and their children moved to California after exiting the Royal Institution.

Along the way, Prince Harry became a hero.

The Harry and Meghan documentary on Netflix, the “Spare” book authored by Harry and published on January 10 , 2023, and the subsequent interviews have shown Prince Harry capable of doing anything for the well-being and happiness of his family.

Click on the video below for a mini-commentary!

– Lupita Franco Peimbert

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