A Coffee Shop By The Highway

Northern California towns are charming to a fault every season. The State roads that take you there offer amazing views along the way, and most importantly, they are safe and well-maintained. During winter, however, it is best to carry on tire chains.

There was a coffee shop almost in the middle of nowhere, on the side of State Route 44/89 by Old Station, where I used to stop on my way from Redding to Susanville. I worked as a Public Information Officer for Caltrans, which is short for California Department of Transportation. I made it part of my job to take photos and videos of our highways.

The coffee shop offered the most delicious cinnamon rolls I had ever tasted. The place was simple; they also provided breakfast. It was not far from a segment of the Pacific Crest Trail, so one would often encounter hikers.

I do not know if the coffee shop survived the wildfires; I hope it did. If you ever want to explore this area, start in Redding and venture on highway 44 East which connects to highway 44 North.

I found this photo in my archive and it prompted me to tell a story.

-Lupita Franco Peimbert

A Caltrans sign on SR44/89 in Northern California. (LFP)

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