Happy Birthday René Magritte!

Have you seen any of those paintings with a man having a green apple covering part of his face? That’s a Magritte. Most of his paintings are abstract and mysterious. It is surrealism and with that, artists make audiences think as they try to figure out the relationship and order on paintings that do not make sense -under the lens of what we call reality.

Born in Belgium, this surrealist is considered a great influence to conceptual art and minimalism. His personal life and his life as an artist had dark periods, better times and times where he was misunderstood. At the times he lived and worked, his art challenged the frames and ways of seeing.

Centuries later the art world has shown the public his work in retrospective and value his contributions.

Magritte’s work sparks interest and awe to both the simple eye and the eye of the expert. Some of his notable paintings are “The Son of Man,” and “Goiconda.” I recently saw “Les valeurs personnelles,” (Personal Values) at the San Francisco Museum of Art #SFMOMA, and loved it.

René Magritte was born on November 21, 1898. He lived in this planet for 68 years.

Happy Birthday René Magritte!

Goiconda by René Magritte, Oil on Canvas 1953.
Les valeurs personnelles by René Magritte. Oil on Canvas, 1952. This painting is part of the permanent collection at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, SFMOMA.
The Son of Man by René Magritte. 1964.

Lupita Franco Peimbert is a senior public relations professional, English/Spanish bilingual, francophone and closet hippie who lives in the San Francisco Bay Area. Writing and producing content is one of her passions. For art, culture, travel, community and more, you may follow her on social media as: #Lupitanews and #Lupita Peimbert.

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