#StayingAtHome —These 5 Films Will Melt Your Heart and Make You Smile.

By Lupita Franco Peimbert.

Most of us are looking for things to do while staying at home because of #COVID-19, and in the process, we are realizing we could spend the rest of our lives catching up with the memories and experiences we’ve had.

Unforgettable films are a big part of the treasure trunk we are opening as part of our efforts to stay busy.

Here is just a bunch of the best films I’ve watched and I am remembering today; perhaps you have seen them too.

Let’s watch them for the first time, or let’s watch them again! #StayAtHome #Films

Cinema Paradiso

Life in this small, Sicilian town seems to run around the local movie theater. A little kid receives life’s lessons on friendship and love by Alfredo, the man in charge of the movie house. There is one thing, however, in which Alfredo crossed the line, forever affecting this young man’s life.
1988. Directed by Giuseppe Tornatore. Italy.

All About My Mother

A mother’s love is like no other, and so are Pedro Almodovar’s characters. I’ll tell you this: All About My Mother is the kind of movie you want to watch when the world is filled with uncertainty. Almodovar has the power to sweep us away from current worries, immersing us into a world of realities that seem far, far away. But then he’ll make us think and feel deep, releasing from us the emotion we were trying to escape from in the first place.
1999. Directed by Pedro Almodovar of course. Spain.

Same Time, Next Year

They met by chance and somehow, they met again and again for years although they were both married. This is perhaps the only film where adultery is forgiven and people look the other way because the settings, the dialogues and the characters are so freaking great and lovable that they are forgiven. More than one of us watching this movie, I bet, you, wishes this would happen to them, and many may try to drive to Mendocino as soon as the Quarantine is over.
1978. Directed by Robert Mulligan. USA.


This 2015 cinematographic version of Heidi has the unique charm brought in by actors Bruno Ganz as the grandfather, Anuke Steffen as Heidi, and Quirin Agrippi as Peter. The story basically doesn’t change. Heidi is the immortal tale of a Swiss little girl and her grandfather, written in 1881 by Joana Spiry. The film is sweet, enchanting, and it will leave children and adults with a smile. A picturesque movie showing the beauty of the human heart and innocence.
2015. Directed by Alain Gsponer. Switzerland/Germany.

Amores Perros

In “Amores Perros,” the life of very different people intertwine and overlap after a car accident and around the seemingly irrelevant whereabouts of a dog. The films is intense, realistic, passionate. It shows the difference in class and gender, in destiny and attitude, and the complicated yet simple intersections of one’s heart.
2000. Directed by Alejandro González Iñárritu. Mexico.

Feel to comment about these films. Have you watch one of them or all? Which one is your favorite, all-time movie? Follow me on Instagram at #Lupita_Social — and if you like this practical article, please share it. Cheers! (LFP)

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