The Little Mermaid in Copenhagen

Sometimes, every little thing you see in the world reminds you of your childhood. Simple things become a source of great joy because you associate them with happy memories. The Little Mermaid was one of those stories for me (and I bet you for a million others.) I read the fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen circa 1970s. The story was actually first published in 1837 in Denmark, as part of a collection.

There had been several adaptations, but it was Disney who made it magical as a story, fairy tale and movie. Never the less the original Little Mermaid has its own place around the world and —literally, in Copenhagen. Hundreds of visitors stop by the statue and celebrate its meaning.

On my way to Madrid, when I realized we would stay in Copenhagen for about 4-6 hours, I decided to venture out of the airport and search for the Little Mermaid statue by the sea. I didn’t speak Danish and had no idea how to get there, but hey, that is why we have public transportation and an adventurous soul.

I was afraid I would not come back on time and loose my flight and so I was in a hurry. Took the train, then walked, asked around, had to take a bus, walked and got lost and finally: I saw it! A little tiny statue. The story of a little soul whose out of the ordinary dreams became reality.

A wonderful story of possibilities, isn’t it? I said hello to my old friend Ariel, forgetting the grown up woman I was and am. The girl in me met the mermaid in the inert statue.

And then I rushed back to the airport, arriving just in time!

I wanna be where the people are,
I wanna see, wanna see ’em dancing,
walking around on those…What do you call ’em?
Oh… feet!


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