Travel As Soon As You Can.

Seeing other places expands your mind, no doubt. The number of people traveling into foreign lands is expanding not only in the United States (23M in 2018) but elsewhere.

Travelers are young or mature. For some, it is about taking time off from work and for others, it is about enjoying the fact that they do not longer have to work.

A larger number of people are traveling Solo instead of being part of a group of strangers with common interests or traveling with family or friends.

More people are finding out that there is not only luxury travel or traditional tourism but other an array of ways to travel.

Whatever group you fit into, whatever traveler type you think you are, just pack your bags, travel light, and let yourself be moved by travel!

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Mission Inn Historic Hotel in Riverside, California, USA.
Alamos, Sonora, Mexico.
Burney Falls, CA
Burney Falls in Shasta County, California, USA.
Burney Falls in Shasta County, CA
Man crossing alongside a cable car in Lisbon, Portugal.
La Puerta de Alcala
La Puerta de Alcala in Madrid, Spain.

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