The Black Bear Diner in Mt. Shasta Won’t Disappoint You

By Lupita Franco Peimbert

(Mount Shasta, CA) – Every time I go to Mt. Shasta, I make it a point to stop and eat at the Black Bear Diner. They ofter not only savory comfort food, but a friendly place to sit and relax.

See, this restaurant ads to your adventure in bear country. Outdoor enthusiasts love to visit because in the mountainous town they can sky in the winter and climb in the summer, but Mt. Shasta is not only home to the iconic mountain but also to amazing forests, wildlife, and more.

New age practitioners have found heaven in this area and so spiritual gurus. Some believe they will connect with the Lemurians –the belief and legend is that an old civilization still inhabits inside Mt. Shasta. Some others still hope they may encounter Saint Germain, considered one of the ascended masters.

If you are not into that, turn into the scenic views and paths. Bears abound in the area and you’ll be close to the PCT – Pacific Crest Trail portrayed in “Wild,” and well known worldwide. You’ll also find plenty of lakes such as Siskiyou Lake, Heart Lake and Castle Lake, and the very beautiful streams of the Sacramento river.

When you enter the restaurant, be ready to see plenty of outdoor memorabilia, and you may find yourself even more inspired to go onto your outdoor adventure!

Take Interstate 5 to Mt. Shasta and then to Lake Blvd. There are plenty of spaces in the parking lot. Get a table, have a cup of coffee. My favorite plate is the avocado omelette with country fries. You’ll find plenty of favorites as they have an ample old country style food menu.

Founded in 1995, the Black Bear Diner keeps growing but stays cozy and friendly to its regular customers. This place is worth visiting; you won’t get disappointed.

-Lupita Franco Peimbert.

Black Bear Diner
Black Bear Diner, founded in 1995.
My favorite dish. Comfort, delicious breakfast!
Quite cozy. Well decorated, clean, plenty of tables.

The Menu

The Menu
Easy to find in Mt. Shasta
Find the Black Bear Diner off I-5 in Mt. Shasta, on Lake Blvd.
Lupita Franco Peimbert
This was me on a cold morning when I stopped to eat at the Black Bear Diner in Mt. Shasta.

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