Why You Must Stop At This California Town If You Are Heading North.

With a population of approximately 1,600 in 2017, this tiny town by the highway and up by the mountains was designated most beautiful USA Small Town not long ago. I can’t remember what year exactly but it doesn’t matter. Dunsmuir, Siskiyou County, California, is beautiful, historic, charming and a heaven for those who appreciate wandering around nature. It is is fishing and hiking galore as much as it is a paradise for those who enjoy a nice stroll. And it is home to the “Best Water on Earth.”

I have loved Dunsmuir since the first time I exited Interstate 5 to Dunsmuir Avenue in 2014. For the last three years, my love has grown as I’ve been discovering the little details: an art museum, a bench by the Sacramento River, that hiking trail nobody knows about, the Brewery, the pizza place, the train station, the movie theater I wish it had not been closed for so long, and its people.

Here are just a bunch of photos I took the Fall of 2019, in one of my many impromptu trips to Dunsmuir. Enjoy and share!

LUPITA FRANCO PEIMBERT #Lupitanews @Lupitanews Instagram: LupitaSocial

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