Netflix Presents: Lorena, The Runner from Chihuahua, Mexico. This is my mini-review.

I saw the documentary about Lorena Ramirez, the Rararumi ultra-marathon’ runner who lives up in the sierras of Chihuahua, Mexico.
“The Light-Footed Woman,” is a 28 minute film on Netflix.
Lorena’s participation in running competitions around the world has made her popular not only because the young woman runs fast and wins, but because she wears her sandals (huaraches) and dresses in her ordinary Raramuri traditional vestments.
It is something funny about we-the-people, by the way, to still be surprised about someone who runs wearing whatever works for them. Many live captive to brand names and the styles that are “in” for each sport…like puppets having to wear whatever costumes societies deem appropriate —all for marketing reasons as well as for what may seem conducive to better sport practices.
In my opinion, the film is too short. It is just a glimpse into Chihuahua and Lorena the runner. Yet, the documentary is not bad at all and a great start into understanding other communities.
At least it kept me thinking What does Lorena wants? Who is teaching her Spanish? Has traveling around the world made her wanting to leave the sierras?
In essence, I would love to see more depth. Is she happy? What does she need? What can she teach us? And a lot more.
But I am not disappointed with the documentary either. I am curious, I am intrigued. At some point she said something like: “they want to take pictures with me because I am a winner, but if I wasn’t they would not even look at me.”
End of my point. Watch it and state yours.
-Lupita Franco Peimbert.

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