You May See a Spirit Around This California Mountain

By Lupita Franco Peimbert.
Photography by LFP.

Mount Shasta is magical and it has the beauty of a cosmic giant. Its forests lay down as if the trees were many long pieces of hair around a woman’s head. It is full of mystery, natural wonders, myth, and it charms you. But Mt. Shasta is also a town, and it is as awesome as the mountain.

Located in Northern California’s Siskiyou County, the mountain and adjacent town attract thousands of visitors each year whether in winter or summer as it is a skier’s paradise, a hiker’s treasure adventure and a spiritual seeker’s opportunity to experience something else.

I took an impromptu trip the other weekend, seeking moments of solace and to see the snow coming down on a winter’s eve. No hiking for me as it was extremely cold outside but I was open for a walk and to wonder here in there –thinking maybe, just maybe, I would have an extraordinary spiritual experience. I stayed at a big house with ample windows on a private road west of the mountain and just a few miles of the actual town of Mt. Shasta. Airbnb never disappoints me. The home and my room were beautiful.

Cold temperatures and all I still ventured on a stroll through Mt. Shasta Boulevard in search of healing rocks, crystals, and gems. Many stores offer a variety of Lapizlasuli, Amethyst, Malachite and dozens of other magical stones, some of which are said to come directly from the mountain hence they shall have special powers. I smile when I write this because although I claim to be skeptical I also am a believer; because although I am not a follower I do follow anything interesting and thought-provoking such as the possibility of a vortex and the Lemurians, along with the ascended masters.

To present to you, dear reader, a full story about St. Germain and other ascended masters and the mysteries and myths around them would take me hours and plenty of research –and so for now, I am showing you a few pictures in an attempt to lure you into venturing into magical Mt. Shasta one of these days.

Did I see a spirit around this Mountain? Did I meet St. Germain? –I must say that certain energy prevails in the area and that the air and the sights immerse you in a bubble of peace and contentment. I read a book, walked around, felt spiritual healing and unusual dreams. I went back home reenergized. Maybe a plethora of spirits surrounded me the whole time but my eyes weren’t ready; you may be.

I never saw the peak as it was covered in white and gloom, but here is how it looked a few weeks before the snow.

Mt. Shasta in the background.
Mt. Shasta in the background, before the snow.

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