Do this #1 healthy thing and you’ll feel happier.


(Life) – When everybody else seems to have someone beloved close by, but you don’t; when regardless of your victories and successes you feel lonely; when you are dreading something but can’t call it; or when you are bored and sad, and just don’t know why, this one little simple action will contribute to your feeling better.

Take a walk around the neighborhood.

Don’t think too much. Get out of bed or the couch; put a jacket on and close the door behind you. Start walking to your right or to your left and around your immediate block or 4-5 blocks further. Or set your clock for 20 minutes and see how far you go. Or just start walking to an area you know is beautiful, interesting or full of people. That is the practical part of it: Move. Start walking.

Let’s now work on intention. Tell your mind and your heart that this is a new adventure. Open your five senses: see, hear, smell, touch, and talk to another person you may encounter; a Good Day!… even a smile will do it.


It is all a matter perspective. You may have passed or driven by your own neighborhood or an area nearby a thousand times, but never really got to know it. Walking around the neighborhood and seeing it with curiosity gives you a different feeling for it. Sometimes you discover new stores, new houses, or a business you had no idea was there. Sometimes you realize the streets close to home are of historical importance.

A key component for this #1 health thing to work is that you’ve to appreciate everything around you, be positive about it, and truly discover what you often miss.

I have done it many times and I am in awe of the many discoveries.

And if you are lucky to live in a region abundant with trees and gardens, you’ve won the lottery. The beauty of trees, plants, and gardens only grows within a new season. For instance, right now Autumn gives trees an amazing array of colors. In Northern California, for instance, we get to see otherwise unnoticeable trees now covered in bright yellow or red, or a scope of orange and brownish stunning tones.




It is quite a spectacle; it will bring health and peace to your mind. Walking is good for your emotions not only because by moving your body around you get to move your body inside, but more importantly, walking with the intention to appreciate life and things make you feel happier, peaceful, and alive.

Studies prove the health and emotional benefits of walking. I now it and recommend it because I have done it many times and it works. I do it often, sometimes daily. As a matter of fact, I went for a walk earlier today and that is what prompted me to write this post.

Content and pictures by Lupita Peimbert.

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