An Outstanding Account of Horrors at the Mill Valley Film Festival.

Oscar, when he was 5 years old and lived in Dos Erres.
(Film ) Moving, remarkable, outstanding account of the horrific acts against people in Guatemala in 1982. “Finding Oscar,” is worth the trip to Marin County as this documentary is part of the Mill Valley Film Festival.
The persevering of professionals determined to find the truth, a few survivors from the Dos Erres village and the two kids abducted by soldiers, decades later become key elements for justice.
Whether you know well about the massacres in Guatemala or this is your first time learning about it, this extremely well-told documentary brings to light how things are done to violate and destroy families and children, but also what can be done, and how, to bring justice sooner or later.
The Founder and Director of FAMDEGUA, an organization determined to bring justice to families and survivors of massacres in Guatemala. She is still looking for her brother, who disappeared during the massacres more than 30 years ago.
“Finding Oscar” plays this Sunday, Oct 9 in San Rafael, and next Thursday, October 13 in Larkspur. More info at mvff
-Content by Lupita Peimbert (#Lupitanews). Photos by the filmmakers.

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