The Most Charming Ancient Forests are in California.


By LupitaPeimbert

(Travel) For several years, going to the Redwood forests during Holiday weekends was part of my life, and I treasure those beautiful experiences with nature. And then I’ve taken as a habit to lose myself in the Redwoods whenever I feel stressed out, any weekend, any day possible. It was and is easy because these amazing forests are close to home.

The gigantic trees known as Redwoods or Sequoia Sempervirens are one of the greatest ancient forests in the world, existing for over 100 millions years along Northern California’s Pacific Coast. They have survived centuries of threatening  conditions. Although at some points in time they have almost extinct, the redwoods have amazingly reproduced themselves through an amazing ecosystem that allows them to grow by cloning themselves.


“Young redwoods will sprout up from the base of a mature tree, utilizing the parent’s developed root system for more rapid growth and nutrient uptake,” says the California Department of State Parks, the institution that guards and protects them.  


There is certain serenity, certain peace, the certain harmony that invades the heart and mind of  people when they are surrounded by Redwood trees for a while. It is magical; it is very special.

The Redwood trees can be found from up North in Humboldt County and going South all the way to the Big Sur Coast. People can visit for a day, have picnics, attend concerts and camp for weeks at well-kept facilities within the redwoods. That sets the stage for a peaceful, relax, and fun experience.

I often go to the Redwoods to lose myself and find me again.


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