A Radical Production of Hamlet.

“Every actor is right for Hamlet,
because there is
something of Hamlet
in every human being.”
– Steven Berkoff, theater legend.

(Berkeley, CA) – Shotgun Players begins the Spring season with William Shakespeare’s Hamlet, directed my Mark Jackson. “We begin with a radical production of the world theatre’s most enduring classic. Every actor of the ensemble learns every role of the play. Moments before showtime, the actors line up and pull their roles out of Yorick’s skull. They get five minutes to gather their wits and then, bang! it is Hamlet roulette,” the company says.

And just with that, it promises plenty for those who appreciate innovation in the arts, and for those who have experienced Shot Gun Players’ daring ways.

Performances begin March 31 through May 8 at the Ashby Stage, 1901 Ashby Avenue, Berkeley, across the street from Ashby Bart. Tickets are $20 to $40. Advance reservations strongly advised.


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