A Lesson In Giving. This Is How You Do It.


This morning, a beautiful woman came to a Starbucks store followed by an older lady who had seemingly slept on the streets of San Francisco.

With respect and care, the woman took the older lady to the cashier and ordered food and a drink for her. Similarly, she spoke to her with kindness while they waited for her food, in a friendly Starbucks where tourists, local business people, and other who seem to have few resources congregate. It’s all about coffee, and community is co-created unintentionally.

Observing the whole thing I assessed that the older lady may have mental health issues. Nonetheless, she seemed content while finishing her drink on a red cup. The altruist woman left, and life went on.

“It would be better to stop thinking we are better than others, break that barrier between people, and find what we have in common,” the beautiful woman said to me later on.

Here is another idea: When you give, please share, and do it with kindness.

#Starbucks #justshare #Lupitanews  – Content by Lupita Peimbert.

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