5 Facts About Día de Los Muertos. 

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By Lupita Peimbert.

  1. Día de Los Muertos or The Day of the Dead is on Nov. 2nd, not before or after.
  2. It is a very important tradition in Mexico. We grew up bringing flowers , food, and drinks to the cemetery. It was all about Honoring our departed, loved ones; drinking was all about them. Really.
  3. Central America celebrates as well, more or less. South America…only in a few countries.
  4. San Francisco’s Mission District adopted the tradition in the 70s, adding to it and transforming it over the years into a mix: jazzy procession New Orleans Style, painted-faces and costumes on, and  blessings by means of Aztec rituals and dancers.
  5. With this Mexican-Latino festivity, people learn to not fear death and the dead, to play with it, to laugh about our mortality.

Altar made by a student at City College of San Francisco. Photo & Text by Lupitanews.

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  1. Lupita is accurate and yet the amazing thing having lived in the Mission District and also with other relative experiences with the culture of New Orleans….the energy of the festive preparation takes part before the day begins… but not the same as it is in New Orleans. Yes the celebration by one friend seems to appear before as way to remind folks of when and what is to take place the next day. I sent out a post pre the day after tagging a friend who is from Mexico. Thanks for the write up for those who are not aware of its depth. That also goes with celebrations differences noted here and in Mexico. Check me if I’m off about this pre Dia de Los Muertos in light of New Orleans…

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