Good News: 500 Thousand Driver’s Licenses Issued to Deserving Immigrants in California. That is Justice. Well Done CA Legislators!

It is never one person alone who determines a new course for improving the life of hundreds of thousands of immigrants, but it often takes one person in a position of power to move things forward.

From California Governor Jerry Brown, to many compassionate legislators -current like Assemblymember Luis Alejo, and former like, pardon redundancy,  former  CA Senators Gil Cedillo and Martha Escutia, to local activists like Jose Sandoval and Voluntarios de la Comunidad, to the undocumented immigrants who rallied on the streets, everybody contributed a little bit of their force and energy (those are perfectly okay new age terms) to make it possible for very deserving immigrants in California to get a Driver’s License. Yet, one person had to authored a piece of legislation to make that effort possible.

It was Assemblymember Luis Alejo the legislator who authored AB60, making Driver’s Licences for all, a reality in California. Here is his happy, victorious quote:

“Today, the DMV announced that over 500,000 undocumented California residents have successfully obtained a driver’s license under AB 60.  I am proud to have authored this historic measure for not only the millions of hard-working undocumented Californians that call California home, but also the 38 million California residents that can now rest assured that everyone on California’s roads is properly licensed, tested and insured. I want to commend the Governor, his staff, and the Department of Motor Vehicles for their tireless work to make today a reality.”

-Assemblymember Luis Alejo, 30th District. California.

Alejo  Luis for print

Content by Lupita Peimbert.

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