Jus Soli, and the complexities of immigration.


The United States follows a birthright known as Jus Soli. The Latin term is for “right of the soil.” It is the right that gives a person unconditional citizenship in the country where that person was born. Most of The Americas follow this birthright.

With all the fuss around immigration, and people who are playing that card because of their Presidential aspirations, we may all get confused, as immigration –legal or not, indeed is complex.

One of the ways all of us can be empowered is by understanding how and why the United States has adopted certain immigration policies.

I took a class with Professor Polly J Price (Emery University), at Coursera.org, free of charge, in 2013, and I am glad I did! –and am happy to share this information.

Professor’s Price: Citizenship and U.S. Immigration covers, among other topics:

  • How is U.S. citizenship acquired? Can it be lost?
  • What is the origin and significance of the U.S. practice of awarding citizenship to anyone born here?
  • Who decides who can enter the country, and who must leave?
  • What is most needed for immigration reform in the US?

You may take a look at the syllabus and other details. Online, at your own pace and time.


Content by Lupita Peimbert.

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