Lynda Roberts, Marin County’s new Registrar.

(San Rafael) – Today is the last day that former Registrar Elaine Ginnold is seen at Civic Center. The Elections Department has hired Lynda Roberts, who held a similar position in Mono County, as the new Registrar.

IMG_1228“I am very excited for this opportunity. My main priority at this point is to maintain the high standards that Elaine Ginnold set,” Roberts says.

Marin is a county with one of the highest voter participation in California. Under Ginnold’s leadership, the Election Department strengthened community outreach not only among the usual voters but also to non-English speaking voters in the Latino, Vietnamese, and Chinese communities. The outreach also includes providing information to African-American voters in the area.

Roberts says that she plans to continue building and maintaining relationships. “People can contact me directly. I do want to keep that interaction because I think it is important, with the registrar being a link to the community.”

Good luck to Elaine Ginnold, and welcome Lynda Roberts!

  • You may contact Registrar Roberts at
  • For voter-related information go to:

Text and photo by Lupita Peimbert.


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