How do you keep going?

Those of us who work independently have as much freedom of time as the obligation to be productive. How do you keep yourself going in those days when you just do not feel like doing anything?

I know and so do you, I am sure, that simply rituals may structure your work life:

  • Start the day with warm water and lemon juice, or tea, or coffee, and a walk around the lake.
  • Divide the day into packets of hours where you must focus; cell phones off; logged out from social media.
  • Set days apart when you won’t go out to events, meetings or anything away from your laptop and other work tools, so that you can finish work.

Yet, when you don’t have enough enthusiasm, how do you trick your mind to not get distracted?


Someone may say: Stay with it. Do nothing and you’ll find your way.

I understand the spiritual part of it, but when one must meet deadlines and one is bored, unenthusiastic, unable to focus, the “Let it be” part of life is impractical –and I doubt one may find their way.

What about you? How do you keep going in days of La-la-li-la?

[Text by Lupita Peimbert. Art by Gianni Sarcone.]

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