Hillary Clinton in San Francisco

I was lucky to see Hillary Clinton at the Marketo Summit Tuesday. She was keynote speaker, and emphasized the power of social media. She also said she came to get “some Marketing advice.” Right away she mentioned the need for comprehensive immigration reform. When interviewed by Marketo’s co-founder Phil Fernandez, she said something like “…In addition to bringing the best talent from other countries, we also need to act on behalf of the families who have been here for a long time, who have been good citizens, and whose children are in our school systems.”
-The room applauded.
To the best of my recalling the event, she spoke or was asked about women in the work place, Vladimir Putin, Russia and Ukrane, as well as technology in government.
-Are you going to run for President? – Marketo’s co-founder asked.
-I am considering it. The real questions for me to answer before I make a decision are: Why? What would I bring?
Aside from her 80’s hair, and the showing of a distracting shoe sole, she was fantastic.
She spoke with candor, compassion, intelligence, and experience.
She should run for President.
[By Lupita Peimbert]

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