No Party Preference – But Still Standing Up for Something

As a relatively new voter, I do not have a preference for any political party. I am an NPP (No Party Preference). Even though I recognize the good in both Republicans and Democrats, I am bored with their constant fighting and I am not attracted enough to be part of either one of them. Since I was not born in this country I now call home, I have not years of experience witnessing history, memories to call upon, much less traditions to follow. I find it annoying that some people do not engage with people from the “other party.”

Most importantly, I am not impressed but either the donkey or the elephant. The remaining political parties, as underdogs seem weak and almost invisible, although when I look closer at their causes and the people involved, I see integrity.Image

Yet, I respect the voting process and take pride on going to the polls and casting my vote. But I do not get to feel the passion. Someone at a coffee shop in Mill Valley the other day, said to me “But people need to stand up for something.” I do. I stand up for many things. I have and I will. But not for the so-called values of a political party. Not until I see a higher level of compassion in the Republican party and for the Democrat party to authentically stand up on behalf of the most blamed and negatively stereotyped population segment: undocumented immigrants.

And, like Forest Gump said, that is all I have to say for now.

One thought

  1. I finally hear someone from the Hispanic community talking about “being annoyed by people who do not engage with people of the other party” that line of thinking it bothers me, when I know I’m among democrats I say I’m a republican and when amongst republicans I say I’m a democrat, I see their faces looking at me and some times I even asked them to notice that I don’t have horns…jajaja.
    When we behave like that I feel we close our minds to any other ideas, we don’t want to listen or talk to anyone with a different way of thinking but our own, even some of us that we call ourselves “open minded” we do it some times ….talking about closing doors to one self!!!
    There are so many ways of seeing life, oneself and humanity in general, recognizing that fear is our worse enemy and we do soooo many things just trying to protect our ego, which wants to be right, if not always, at least most of the time, in the process we cut ourselves short.
    Bottom line is I believe we should always listen and learn as much as we can of our environment and ourselves and take time to think and see what it’s that we really believe about things and not just follow others. Actually one thing that has being of great help for my personal growth has being to really listen to people whom I know have an opposite perspective than mine, some times it has being the bridge for me to understand things I didn’t before and some other times it has confirm that what I believe is right for me at that time, until I learn more and/or I’m ready for more growth.

    I wish I can see a new political party, but that will take years not only to surface but to define a credible philosophy as a political party ready to work for this new USA with immigrants of various ethnicity, and what I believe, more educated that the last generation of immigrants, not descendents of immigrants.
    I’m personally seriously disappointed of the new republican candidate one of the worse things he has already done is that with his out loud commitment to not sign the “Dream Act” he is already helping Obama to have most of the Hispanic community on his side and therefore not in need to offer us much, Obama can concentrate now in just passing the “Dream act” and not work on any other immigration reform, just my two


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