Going to the deepest point of Earth – DONE

Going to the deepest point of Earth - DONE

James Cameron did it. He dove to the deepest point on Earth,
the Pacific Ocean’s Mariana Trench located southwest of Guam. The intrepid cinematographer became the first person to do this alone, and of course he took pictures and video. So inspired by it!

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  1. what about Lupitanews to Mendocino County ?

    I am a counselor at Anderson Valley HS, a small rural school of 300 students.70% are Mexican from farm worker families in the grape/wine industry. Want to come up here and talk to our AVID class, students aiming at college? 2 hours from Marin. Because of our location our students are pretty isolated and I try to invite all kinds of role models to give them the wider picture and motivate them.Ww live in a beautiful place. If you come, I’ll get you an overnight at the famous Boonville Hotel.Fridays are best for presentations.



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