Give Mirkarimi Another Chance

The Ross Mirkarimi article in the SF Chronicle published Sunday is, at times, good reporting; but it often feels like the writers have already made up their mind and therefore their writing shows a hint of partiality.

In my opinion of the whole Mirkarimi’s “rise and fall” – not just the actual incident but the afterwards, it is a mix of bad temper, poor judgment, the usual media frenzy around these cases, political interest driven by either-or the moderately-right types and the anti-progressive, and a puritanical-like local society that quickly see’s things as black or white, can be as naive as it is evolved, and one that conveniently takes pleasure pointing out its fingers to those who make mistakes as if their falling makes them (the members of the society) better and wiser.

Tami Bryan, who lives in the Western addition, the District he represented as Supervisor, is leading a petition asking the Mayor to back-off.

I believe Ross Mirkarimi deserves another chance. He definitely needs to work on his weaknesses and the issues that put him in this situation -and he has said he is working on it, but give him another chance. Let him do what he has done very well, work for the public.

And to those individuals and groups who Mirkarimi has supported in the past: SHOW UP, as he was your friend and your ally.
Friends and allies are not just for when we can use them.

What do you think about this?

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