Short List For The Nov. 2 General Election


Photo of California Attorney General (and form...
Image via WikipediaCalifornia Governor: Jerry Brown


Governor of California
During his productive political career, Jerry Brown has used power to impact groups whose voice otherwise would have not been heard. Many of the privileges we have in California are because of the laws he did not veto. Many of the human, civil and workers rights we have are because of his compassion and willingness to stand up and speak up for others.

When it comes to the Latino Communities Jerry Brown didn’t just “walked” with Latino leader Cesar Chavez. Brown understood Chavez’s cause and saw him as partner in compassion and human rights. The Agricultural Act, the creation and validity of the farmworkers’ union was possible in part because of Brown’s support. Brown understands the complexities of immigration, legal and illegal. He is both experienced and effective leader.

Oakland Mayor
1. Rebecca Kaplan: Progressive, Business-Friendly, Open-Minded.
2. Joe Tuman: Intelligent, Speaks like Mayor, Compassionate.
3. Jean Quan: Experienced, Hard-working, Speaks up.

Oakland City Auditor


Oakland City Auditor Courtney Ruby


We must re-elect Oakland City Auditor Courtney Ruby, a highly effective elected official in Oakland. Exposing nepotism, unfair hiring practices and payroll abuses are just a few of her successes in the last couple of years. Once re-elected in November 2nd, she will focus on auditing the Police Department and equally important: The Parking Department! We need Courtney Ruby to help us stop excessive parking fees and citations in Oakland!

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