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Notes to Yourself and Others. 
Next to the store that displays a desiccated deer and other undaunted animals on Valencia street, the Pirate Store displays a bunch of notes. Love notes. Notes that inspire. Notes like the ones some of us leave for our loved ones and for ourselves.

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This project by ephemeral artist Shannon Weber, is meant to connect people one positive note at a time. “I’m still captivated by catching people’s eye or heart in transition and feeling for brief seconds the innate connection, the web of commonality between us,” says the San Franciscan on her site


Anybody wishing to live and love out loud can write a note in any language, just by going inside the Pirate store on 826 Valencia Street. You can write anonymously, or you can sign your note, so the world knows what you feel or who you love. Follow them @LoveYou2org.


The oldest of 14 kids, Shannon is used to get people moving, having accomplices, and co-creating activities where all involved get something out of it. The woman, mom, and artist, is just another example of living A La San Francisco!

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All content by Lupita Peimbert.
Lupita, a bilingual editor who lives in San Francisco, used to leave love notes to someone she was in-love with back in the days. Similarly, she wrote positive notes to herself growing up, to the amusement of her siblings who secretly wished the notes were for them. 

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  1. Hi Lupita and San Francisco Residents,
    Could you tell us what kind of Mexican parade we saw yesterday, Dec. 5 – Sat. at about 12 pm driving through San Francisco on 101 to the airport? There were many pilgrims (people walking), some carrying paintings of the Virgin Mary, some men on horseback.
    Thank you.

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